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Parteciperò all’evento organizzato dalla RAI “Reconnecting Europeans: the Role of Public Service Media” in occasione del 60° del Trattato di Roma e del 30° di Erasmus


Reconnecting Europeans: the Role of Public Service Media

3 March 2017, 9.30 – 13.30

 RAI (Viale Mazzini 14, Sala Arazzi, Rome, Italy)


Rai is organizing a key event on the European cultural identity and values in the occasion of

the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which also coincides with the 30th

anniversary of the Erasmus programme.

Today, in a European Union faced with many challenges, there is an increasing need to

strengthen our common European values. Cultural clashes, prejudice, misconceptions

and populistic demagogy are often at the base of the disconnections and divergences within

Europe and between Europe and its neighbouring countries. To counterbalance such trends

it is crucial to reconnect Europeans to the founding principles of the E.U and engage the

younger generations who will shape the future of our Union.

Media, in particular public service media, can and should play a pivotal role in this process

on the one hand by fostering a common positive understanding of our Union and

strengthening our European value, and on the other by promoting a broader inter-cultural

dialogue that brings together not only European institutions, but also key exponents of the

culture and creative sector and the citizens themselves, with a particular attention to the

younger generations who are experiencing great opportunities as well as the limits of the EU


Within this context, this event aims at creating an open forum and explores concrete

actions to revitalize our European values through policy actions but also social and

cultural initiatives that will feed into the broader inter-cultural dialogue fostered by the

European Cultural Diplomacy strategy.


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